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Custom glass and mirror installation and delivery services by Active Glass & Mirror, Inc.are available to businesses and residences in Columbus, Ohio and surrounding cities - Blacklick 43004 Gahanna 43230, Reynoldsburg 43068, Pickerington 43147, Pataskala 43062, Canal Winchester 43110, Lancaster 43130, Groveport 43125, Grove City 43123, Hilliard 43026, Upper Arlington 43220, Dublin 43016 43017, Powell 43065,

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Measuring tape with arrow pointing to five and five eighths
Measuring tape with arrow pointing to five and thirteen sixteenths
Photo of tape measure and pencil



When measuring for a free quote over the phone on replacement window glass or replacement door glass, always measure the width and height of the daylight opening (where the light shines through).  Do not include the framing!


To measure for a round glass top or round mirror measure the diameter (straight across the middle at the widest point).

5 5/8"

5 1/8"

5 13/16"



5 9/16"


You can trace clipped corners the same way as you trace rounded corners for your glass table top.  You can also measure a clipped corner on your custom glass table top cover by placing a piece of paper with a square corner underneath the clipped corner as if the top has a square corner.  Measure from the start of the clip to the point of the square corner from left to right and top to bottom.  Do not just measure the length of the clip because it may not be clipped off at an exact 45 degree angle!


If the corners on your glass top match up to the radius of piece of change (penny, nickel, dime, or quarter) or if you know their exact radius we can use this to make your custom glass top.

If not, take a piece of paper and lay in on the top of the surface where the rounded corner is (if it helps, tape it down with painter's tape).  While holding the paper steady, firmly use the edge of a pencil lead to trace around the corner.  Make sure you trace a few inches beyond the rounded corner on each side.  Our experienced glass cutters will use your pattern to cut your custom glass top or mirror.  We recommend tracing all corners on your top because sometimes they are not all the same.


Full sized patterns can be tricky.  You need large, preferably craft, paper and will need to tape pieces together for larger patterns.  Tape the paper down to your furniture top with painters tape and trace around the flat part on the paper using the edge of a pencil lead.

Active Glass & Mirror, Inc.recommends you have one of our professional and experienced craftsmen come out to your home or business to take a full sized pattern for your custom glass top.

If you can provide us with an approximate width and length and describe the shape we can give you a free quote right over the phone!

making patterns for your custom glass top or custom mirror

You can take patterns on your own with these helpful tips.

Always measure only the flat surface of your table top!

First, look at your tape measure and make sure there are 16 spaces in between each inch.

(If you have more than 16 spaces, you probably have a tape measure with 32nds on it, don't pay attention to these 32nds, only the sixteen spaces.)

Each of these 16 spaces is 1/16 of an inch.

Every 2 spaces is an 1/8 of an inch.

Every 4 spaces is a 1/4 of an inch.

Every 8 spaces is a 1/2 of an inch.

Every 16 spaces is 1".

Find the nearest inch (the big numbers) and then determine the fraction of an inch more.  (If your glass or mirror edge ends up on one of the inch marks, there is no need to figure out the fraction of an inch.)

Two Sixteenths = 1/8"

Two Eighths = 1/4"

Two Quarters = 1/2"

Two Halves = 1"

Now you could give us the measurements in 16ths, but the fraction is always reduced down as far as possible so that there's no need to count each line when measuring to cut your custom glass table top, custom mirror, or window glass.

The fraction is always reduced by dividing by the same number into the top number (numerator) and the bottom number (denominator)

Example #1:   4/16" (4/4=1; 16/4=4) so 4/16" reduces to 1/4"

Example #2:   6/16" (6/2=3; 16/2=8) so 6/16 reduces to 3/8"

Example #3:   8/16" (8/8=1; 16/8=2) so 8/16 reduces to 1/2"

Example #4:  10/16" (10/2=5; 16/2=8) so 10/16" reduces to 5/8"

Example #5:  12/16" (12/4=3; 16/4=4) so 12/16" reduces to 3/4"

Example #6:  14/16" (14/2=7; 16/2=8) so 14/16" reduces to 7/8"

3/16", 5/16", 7/16", 9/16", 11/16", 13/16", & 15/16" are reduced as low as you need to go for our purposes.

reading a tape measure

If you haven't used a tape measure in a while, it can be intimidating.  Just remember to measure at least three times, to make sure your custom table top, custom mirror, decorative glass, or window glass comes out the size you need it to be!

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